Motion design and animation services

Welcome to Shapeshifter’s motion design and animation services.

WOW your audience with Shapeshifter’s full host of modern creative animation styles. Whether it’s edgy, colourful, clean, illustrative, elegant, realistic, flat, 3d or something unique – Shapeshifter can deliver.

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From working on quick turnaround jobs to full animation lead narrative videos our team has tons of experience. We’ve been creating content for cinema, broadcast, advertising, online and corporate communications since 2001.

Often motion design is applied to video to enhance engagement, create interest and inform your audience.

Sometimes you know what you want to say but you just don’t know how to say it. This is where Shapeshifter excels. We add value to your ideas finding innovate ways to express them through style, movement and timing. We understand how on-screen messages are interpreted by your audience. Keeping them engaged throughout your video whilst locking your messaging into their memory is all part of the challenge. Something the team at Shapeshifter embrace every day.

Animation projects, the best value and results

Often client’s who have little experience commissioning motion design and animation services will be worried about the agency price tag. Pricing can vary wildly depending on who you work with. At Shapeshifter we provide a ‘sweet spot’ pricing model that sits between freelancer and typical agency rates.

Smaller boutique agencies like Shapeshifter are on the rise as they fill the need for lower cost comms delivered at high standards without prohibitive agency rates. Larger agencies are better suited to support complex integrated campaigns.

If you’re asking yourself any of the following questions then the simple answer is to contact us for a no obligation and freindly discussion:

Our organisation needs to create some animation for advertising, an event or product promotion – where do I start?

We need to enhance our existing video with some animation, will the cost of commissioning an agency be prohibitive?

We have an existing presentation which looks unprofessional, can we recreate it?

Our promotional material seems out of date, do we need to re-invent the wheel?

These are all things Shapeshifter is often faced with solving on behalf of our clients. We understand that at times you only need a small amount of creative input to finish off your video, whilst at other times you require a full concept-to-delivery service.

By introducing yourselves to us we can begin a flexible relationship that means you’ll be supported when you need the help. Even if it’s only something small to begin with.

We don’t just offer motion design and animation services. We also offer a full range of creative content creation services including full film production and post-production services to cater for your needs.

With a wealth of experience and hundreds of projects under our belt Shapeshifter offers more than just creativity. We also know how to run your project to ensure expectations are managed in a stress free manner.


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