Moving stills – Breathing life into stills 

See how we’ve brought the images below to life in our short video (see above).


If you’ve ever been uninspired because all you have is a set of still images or photos – think again.

Sometimes when you want to be heard in an roaring crowd the best thing to do is whisper. Moving stills provide a subtle but impactful method of engaging your disenchanted audience.

There is a myriad of creative options available to you that not only make up for a lack of footage, but can even offer a heightened sense of satisfaction for your audience.



Moving stills and cinemagraphs offer an interesting alternative for presentations and films. There is a boldness to their elegance that pulls viewers toward the screen. They sit well with slow paced messaging as well as silent films and promote a feeling of reflection and drama.

If you’d like to find out more about moving stills we’d love to chat

At Shapeshifter we’ve created TV adverts, animated online banners and slide backgrounds using moving stills.

Please view the small selection we’ve put together above. Let us know if we can help inject life and drama into your static material.