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Creative video production services

Creative video production

Shapeshifter Creative is a full service video production company, offering concept development, production and post production. We create results that reshape audience perceptions, maximising impact and cost effectiveness. Boasting a full range of production capabilities coupled with the latest technology and techniques, we explore every creative possibility. Whether you’ve already got a great concept or need help developing one, contact us now to see how we can help.

We have a broad and diverse catalogue of experience we’re happy to share with our clients. From simple shoots to elaborate concepts with visual effects and drama, we excel in delivering projects of every kind, integrating into your communication strategy, brand image and ad campaigns.

Whether you need to shoot on location, in a studio, or rely solely on motion graphics we have everything you need. We use a wide range of high quality equipment including RED cameras which create beautiful images suitable for colour grading. Learn more about our full range of creative video production services.

Motion design and animation production services including motion graphics for online and on-screen

Animation and motion design

The desire for highly controlled styles, clear messaging and colourful branding bring motion design services into their own. With literally decades of experience delivering successful animated films and presentations, our team offer exceptional motion design services. We offer full support for all styles from concept to delivery for projects of all shapes and sizes.

Using the latest software and hardware systems we turn around projects quickly and on time.

Advertising & promotional


Bringing together, impact, pace and informative story telling whilst adhering to your brand’s tone-of-voice is no mean feat. Luckily we’ve done this before. We offer fresh ideas which help your product, service and event stand out from the crowd. By leveraging our wide array of styles, we can create any hybrid of mediums and narrative devices to deliver original eye-catching results. Contact us now to find out how we can promote your offering with media production.

Motion design for broadcast


When you need great looking title sequences, video inserts and motion design elements give Shapeshifter a call. We create broadcast graphics for a wide range of programmes delivered with appropriate formatting and standards. We can create your Channel branding and idents, titles, credits, TV graphics content and 3d animation. We also offer full support for creative concept development when you need to delegate creative responsibility to a third party.

Explainer videos


The best thing about web explainer videos is their ability to convey your message in any style. They ooze your brand values at 0% risk of being delivered inappropriately. Working with Shapeshifter you remain safely in the driving seat whilst being presented with creative options throughout the process. Shapeshifter delivers complete satisfaction with our fool-proof workflow allowing you to relax and enjoy the experience. Contact us now or find out more.

Character animation


When it’s all said and done humans relate to people and characters more instinctively than raw information. Characters create a ‘wrapping’ for your message like no other delivery mechanism. What’s more, we can add characters to everyday objects transforming them into persuasive storytellers injecting life into your presentation.

Post production services

Post production

Image quality is more relevant than ever in today’s high-definition media landscape. We’re proud to offer a full range of post production services that guarantee the final quality of your production. Whether we’re editing, creating visual effects or colour grading your project, we draw upon the finest tool sets and talent to achieve your goals. Whatever niche skillset or diverse requirement you have, contact us now – we love a challenge.

Colour grading


Understanding how to leverage the colour language of your film is the final gateway to mastering your visual masterpiece. Even lower budget productions benefit hugely from colour correction, encouraging the audience to focus on subject matter avoiding the distractions of poorly shot footage. Colour work not only adds depth, style and emotion to your story, it also promotes consistency. The process of enhanced colour application breathes quality into your production separating your film from lower budget competition. Whilst colour grading services are notoriously expensive, we offer an affordable alternative whilst retaining grade-1 calibrated monitoring in purpose built grading environment. Learn more about how we can add value to your production through the application of colour design.


Visual effects


The mind-boggling array of creative possibilities offered by modern visual effects services excites audiences worldwide. Shapeshifter is proud to offer green screen and compositing, 3D animation, retouching, tracking and rotoscoping services to name but a few. Leveraging the very latest in visual effects software and workflows, we’ll tackle your challenge with an open mind, ensuring an efficient and cost effective solution. Contact us now for a consultation about your project requirements.


Creative content design and production services

Creative content

With a virtually unlimited supply of ideas, technical capabilities, and most importantly enthusiasm, you’ve come to the right place. However ambitious your requirements, we’ve got the people, resources, talent and know-how to exceed your expectations. Contact us now to experience the joy of working with a creative team who care about your project as much as you do.

Internal communications


Wide reaching corporate messaging is often the responsibility of internal comms. What makes them all the more challenging is the multiple intended (and unintended!) uses, delivery platforms, modest budgets, information rich, brand conscious and to top it off internal politics driven objectives. Add to the mix your audience’s desire for TV style entertainment and you’ll soon appreciate the need for expert producers. Internal communications have been at the heart of our teams offering since 2003, before Shapeshifter was formed. Having created content and strategies for blue chips & working with board level directors, reaching audiences of 10’s of thousands. Shapeshifter knows what it takes to move your audience to take positive action.


Speaker support


Well thought out speaker support will enhance your presentation and engage your audience. Understanding the fine line between support and distraction is the key to effective presentation design. At Shapeshifter we offer comprehensive speaker support services from simple tidying and polishing of existing content to full blown consultation and liaison with your key speakers. We provide support across multiple platforms including PowerPoint, Prezi & Keynote.


Creative content for events


The Shapeshifter team have been deeply involved with creative content for events since 2003. We appreciate the flexibility, timescales and budgetary concerns surrounding content creation for events. Shapeshifter is experienced in delivering a wide array of solutions throughout the event journey, from pre-production through to post event. We offer creation services including super high resolution projection, micro sites, large format printing & signage, opening VT’s, on-site editing, animation and post event highlight videos to name a few. If you’re looking for a well-honed all-in-one content support agency contact us now.


Brand development design services and consultation

Brand development

Whatever stage of brand development you’re at, we’re keen to get involved. Brand development can take many forms but the core principles apply to all brands. At Shapeshifter we’ve worked with brands of all sizes from FTSE 100 blue chips to small local firms. If you’re looking for ways to expand your branding into new collateral and media forms or just starting up a new venture contact us now.

Web design


Your customers’ Online experience has a huge impact on the success of your business, as does your SEO. Creating responsive websites that encourage your visitors to explore your offering whilst absorbing your brand values takes careful planning and understanding of your business objectives. At Shapeshifter we thoroughly assess your business goals before proposing the ideal solution. We also encourage and teach our clients the basics of SEO best practices and independent content management. We empower our clients to remain in control of their online presence saving you the need to rely on agency support and reducing your costs in the long term. Contact us now to receive a quote for your website.


Visual identity development


With decades of experience developing visual identities and designing logos we offer sophisticated services that are relevant in today’s market. The emotional impact of your identity needs to work in harmony with your brand values and five year business objectives. At Shapeshifter we focus on the impact of your brand whilst considering the practical implications of reproducing your logo in print and online. Our exceptional designers are backed-up by a service driven philosophy with data protection and confidentiality in mind. We also populate your print, online and on-screen collateral with your identity providing a comprehensive package for your needs. Contact us now to find out more about how we can inject value and creativity into your logo design needs.


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