Vox pops

Internal communications agency

Shapeshifter provides a professionally shot interviewing service complimented by a workflow that offers transparency throughout the editing process.

Through the use of careful pre-production, well equipped film crew and a practical post production workflow Shapeshifter delivers highly effective results.

From pre-arranged speakers, ad-hoc customer opinions, on the spot employee comments to board member company wide statements, Shapeshifter knows how to approach the task in the most practical and cost effective way.


Understanding the location, environment and speaker’s point of view are all key to planning the perfect interview.

Researching each of these aspects helps in planning the crew and equipping them with appropriate cameras, lenses, sound recording equipment, supporting staff and interviewers.

Post production

By employing interview transcripts immediately after the shoot and supplying these to our producers and client, low cost paper edits can be experimented with before the editing process begins. This streamlines the process of creating the voice-lead narrative especially where large volumes of speech have been recorded.

Our creative producers are also keen to get involved in the strategic aspect of your vision and offer question scripting support to ensure we capture the answers you’re looking for with a sincerely delivered response by your speakers.

Like many others when you’re looking for something extra to enhance the video, such as motion graphics, complimentary footage and appropriate music. Shapeshifter has the experience to bring your vision together into a cohesive and beautifully executed film production.

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