Internal communications
Internal communications is the heartbeat of culture in many organisations. Stories, training, and achievement videos alike can reach employees far and wide and live long past their intended shelf life.

At Shapeshifter so much of what we create is targeted at internal comms that it practically runs through our blood.

It’s all too easy to neglect these vital tools pushing them low down the pecking order of priorities, but we know better. Neglected comms leads to an unengaged, unenthused workforce that often doesn’t feel appreciated.

Whilst appreciating you’re not working with external advertising budgets, there are ways of reaching people that don’t require high end production qualities. They often benefit from a personal touch, an in-house joke, recognition, acknowledgment of employee circumstances and achievements, and many more devices that relate to employees on that all important level.

Whether you’re looking to deliver a sincere leadership message or just something completely off-the-wall, Shapeshifter can help you to realise your vision in a way that reshapes employee perception.

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