Colour grading service

Colour Grading services

Today’s media saturated landscape makes it even more important to create content that stands out in the crowd. With the range of video production expense ever widening from self-shooting directors with camcorders to 6k raw visual effect and drama setups, production value choices are wide and varied.

Professional colour treatment of footage is a must-have standard for any film which is perceived to have a high overall production value.

Although many famous colour houses are known for providing this service at significant expense to the client in recent years some of the technology required has become increasingly accessible to editors at all levels.

At Shapeshifter we understand that providing a professional colouring service you need more than just access to Davinci Resolve or Adobe speed grade. It takes experience, an understanding of colour theory through study, a grade -1 fully calibrated reference monitor. These are all things Shapeshifter takes seriously and has invested at great expense and resources to achieve.

Shapeshifter offers exceptional value colour correction and grading services providing an affordable alternative to London based colour houses.

If you’re looking to take your independent, corporate or online films to the next production level Shapeshiter can offer colour grading services either within the scope of our own projects or as independent service to your existing projects. We employ a courier service to safely transport HD films from your facility to our studio and back when network transfer is not practical.

We take confidentiality seriously, all projects are backed-up locally and online with highly encrypted security for a short time until the project is complete and at your discretion.

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