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The Shapeshifter team made a valuable contribution

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ARM Holdings

[h2]The Shapeshifter team’s involvement in Arm’s rise to success[/h2]

Back in 2010 before Shapeshifter was founded the same team lead by video director Spencer Carpenter created a promotional film at a pivotal time in Arm Holding’s rise to success.

Back then Arm was about to release the architecture design for their new chips the T604 and T658 which boasted the capability to support augmented reality. This is the technology that drives Pokemon Go, the recent global success story for games developer Nintendo.

Since the film was aimed purely at industry professionals and product manufacturers the production budget was modest, a far cry from what you would expect from a typical advertising outlay. The deadline was also extremely tight with only 3 weeks from briefing to delivery. Nevertheless the same team that provides a boutique service for special projects undertaken by Shapeshifter Creative today rose to the challenge.

The film was an unexpected success, not only exceeding expectations for its primary use at the new chips launch event but subsequently when published on YouTube and beyond.

Views of the film quickly rose to over 100k before revisions of the film picked up around another 80k+.

With news of Arms success gathering pace in the media excerpts of the film were adopted for nationally broadcasted TV news shows about the exciting technology company from Cambridge. Indeed the BBC liked the film so much it was woven into the opening credits for the popular weekly technology show Click, appearing as part of the opening title sequence.

Click on the link to view the film on YouTube:

‘We are very proud at Shapeshifter to have been part of Arms publicity during its rise to fame.

Since then our team at Shapeshifter have gained a wealth of experience creating films for happy multinational blue chip clients and are now able to offer even more knowledge and skills.

One thing that hasn’t changed is our enthusiasm to create inspirational work that exceeds expectations.’

Spencer Carpenter
Video Director